Have it your way…..

“I don’t like it,” Lee boldly told me. Holding his hand up to his heart he added, “If it doesn’t feel right in here, then I don’t believe it.”

Prisons are jam-packed with Lees. All their lives they have bathed in vats of cold, dark crime. Hard drugs. Lust-driven relationships. Lives that can be summed up by living for what “feels good” at the moment.hamburger-2453359_640.jpg

The rush – the high – of fast living provides enough feelings, in an otherwise numb person, to make him feel human. However, the fast-beating heart, sweaty palms, adrenaline rush, only last a short while. Then comes the crash. The low. The cold bottom. The loneliness. All come back to haunt, to suck the remaining life out of that empty person.

Then the cycle begins again. It becomes tiring and yet leads to dependence – dependence to the point that it infiltrates the life of the one who has bowed the knee to God and been converted.

Lee is a good – or bad – example of this point. Lee is a five-year-old believer. When he came to the feet of Yeshua, he came and dropped his dark past and sins to never pick them up again. But what he never left at Jesus’ feet was his broken “feel-er”. And since he continues to live by his feelings, he is a platinum, card-carrying member of the “Have It Your Way” gospel. Just like the slogan of the well-known fast-food burger franchise, “Have It Your Way” believers choose what they like, and feel.

This fast-food faith is not about the absoluteness of God’s Word, but about “what feels good to me.” It’s very subjective. Instead of allowing our Creator to mold us like clay, we fight Him and mold our own lives around what we like.

The Word becomes as valuable as a cheap-meat, fast-food burger. We even try to cover it with a supposedly healthy piece of tomato or lettuce, thinking it will make the absolute Word of God easier to swallow.

My initial conversation with Lee centered around his fast-food Christianity and way of living. I tried to kindly, yet boldly, explain to Lee that we don’t live by feelings, but by faith in God’s absolute truth, found in His Word – even when the truth doesn’t “feel” very good.

Sadly, he didn’t like what I was saying and refused to see that his salvation was not based on fast-food hamburgers, but based on the never-changing absolute truth of the unchangeable loving God. Lee left our conversation certain I was wrong. Unfortunately, Lee is only one example of today’s believers. Churches, both inside and outside prisons, are accepting a “Have It Your Way” gospel. It’s a clear reflection of our culture and society.

God is calling His church to put down their broken, no-good “feel-ers”, and pick up His absolute truth – the Word. Today’s church has become unhealthy and obsessed with empty-calorie, fast-food Christianity. It feels great when one first bites into the fast-food gospel meal. It even gives a pseudo-spiritual high. We “Hallelujah” and praise and thank God for this great “feeling.”

However, empty calories always lead to a crash. A low. A cold bottom. They leave us seeking for the next spiritual high to make us “feel” good once again.

Are you in this cycle, too? If you are, it’s time to drop the greasy, empty-calorie fast-food gospel, and start eating directly from the rich meat of the Word of God. It’s not fast food, but it sure is filling.

By the way, eat up! The bill has been paid in full!

…learning every day to eat healthier…


This blog was authored by Adrian who is incarcerated at California Institution for Men.  Adrian sends the blogs via US Mail to Friends of Adrian volunteers who post the blog.
The website is owned and maintained by Friends of Adrian volunteers. Due to his incarceration, Adrian Torres has no access to the website and is unable to respond to any comments posted.
Comments are answered by Friends of Adrian volunteers.**

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