Zoo Visit

The zookeeper slowly approached the cage. He wore a face shield to protect him, and with paper in hand he examined the camel inside the cage; making notes, he moved on to the next cage.

Each zoo cage is about 16’x12’. There is a water source and a toilet. Twenty-four cages make up the whole yard. These zoo cages represent the Ad Seg (the Hole) version of a recreation yard.

For obvious reasons, we all need to be kept apart, so one-by-one (unless we have cell mates) we go into a cage. By law inmates in the Hole have to be offered a certain amount of “outdoor” time. These zoo cages serve that purpose.

Today I decided to make a visit to the zoo cages. I needed some fresh air and some room to pace, as I meditated on the Lord. As I was thinking about Him, I realized I was surrounded by animals.

Well…sort of.

Many inmates go by names other than their given names, and some of those names are the names of animals.

To my left was Camel, working out. The hump caused by his dislocated shoulder gave him his name.

To my right was Goat Head. He paced up and down as if he was lost.

Lizard was right behind me. His tall, slim body made him look like a giant lizard. He sought the sun and absorbed every ray of it.

Behind me, to my left, was one they call Chipmunk. That young boy could not stop talking. His jaw got more exercise than the rest of his joints combined.

Next to Chipmunk was Rooster. Rooster was serious about his workout. He exercised non-stop. The intense look in his eyes told of his desire to fight.

I think I also heard a Bulldog and a Hawk somewhere in the cages.

Today the cages really sounded like zoo cages. The combined noise from all the cages sounded like a pack of wild animals. But even though these men carry the names of animals, they are human to the core.

I’m pretty sure I was the only believer in the zoo cages today, and as I listened and watched I couldn’t help but think how the world has twisted its idea of a Creator. The world says all life has evolved from lower forms of life. That God does not exist. That the Bible is nothing but a book of stories.

Skeptics mock Genesis, saying that Creation, the Fall, the Flood and other stories recounted in it did not occur. They accept the explanation evolution gives, but don’t stop to think that evolution only raises more questions. We can expect this from those who claim that God doesn’t exist, but sadly many “Christians” are also abandoning the truths found in Genesis.

They try to find a way to “fit” evolution and the Big Bang into Genesis’ recounting of creation. They make literal days into thousands of years, then add indeterminate gaps of time in between them. The great flood of Genesis is not a worldwide flood. Adam and Eve were not created; they too evolved.

This is not only sad, it’s blasphemous.

Other than the Gospel, the information in Genesis is the most important part of the Bible. It’s the engine that pulls the train. If Genesis is not literally true, then we don’t serve a sovereign, promise-keeping God Who has everything under His control. He becomes a god of our imagination; one who relies on chance and hope. If Adam and Eve were not created by God, and chose to sin, then there is no origin of sin and death. And if there is no origin of sin, then we have no need of a Savior; this means Yeshua died for no reason at all.

We need to stop trying to view God’s Word through the world’s grid, and begin believing it without reservation. The Bible is true. It is God’s letter to man. From Genesis to Revelation the Bible speaks of an omniscient, loving God Who not only created the world, and created two people to live on it, but also never took His hands off of it. When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, He provided a way back to Him – through His Son, Yeshua.

As I paced back and forth in the zoo cage, I prayed that the animals around me would hear of Jesus Christ and accept Him, for it is only through Him that they can become human again…saved humans, that is.

Believe God’s Word. It is 100% true.

……..lions and tigers and bears – oh my!……..

Adrian G. Torres


This blog was authored by Adrian who is incarcerated.  Adrian sends the blogs via US Mail to Friends of Adrian volunteers who post the blog.
The website is owned and maintained by Friends of Adrian volunteers. Due to his incarceration, Adrian Torres has no access to the website and is unable to respond to any comments posted.
Comments are answered by Friends of Adrian volunteers.**



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