Worth the Price

“Hey fool! Am I seeing things or did the price of coffee go up $2?” the tattoo-covered man asked his friend as they stood in line at the prison canteen window. Prison canteens, because they have no competition, can set prices at levels that are, pardon the pun, downright criminal.

The high prices set by the canteen managers allow them to fill their coffers to the top, but hurt the inmates, because on average an inmate earns 9¢ an hour at his prison-assigned job. Having to pay inflated prices comes with a consequence. Choosing what to buy is scrutinized to the very last penny. High prices must be paid for essentials like soap, toothpaste, or deodorant; but if any money is left over we must consider the cost. The worth of any product is weighed against our thin budgets. Like all smart consumers we are only willing to pay what we think an item is worth, and if we pay more than that, we have just raised its value.

The man covered in tattoos was not hallucinating; the price of coffee was now $2 higher and no explanation was given. My peer now had a choice: to purchase or not.

His coffee dilemma made me think about my own worth. According to society-at-large I am worth less than a pile of dung. The prison system sees me as a barcode in a human warehouse. To most officers I’m worth a paycheck. But to God, I’m worth infinitely more.

For whatever reason, God decided that I was worth the blood and life of His own Son; worth the flesh-ripping lashes; worth the agony on the cross to His very last breath.

Although I don’t merit this over-inflated value, Father chose to place me in the category of “worthy” because of His love. It was His choice, His action, the blood of His Son, by which my worth is measured, paid in full upon Calvary’s cross.

My tattooed peer decided it was worth buying the coffee, and not just him but many others who purchased at the inflated price. Now the coffee has a new, accepted, higher price.

What’s your worth? If you are saved – born again and bought by Yeshua’s blood – your worth cannot be measured. You are priceless. If Christ is not in you, please know that His death was for you, too. Go to Him on your knees and beg for His mercy, and see your price go sky-high.

…….thirsty for an Iced Mocha…….

Adrian G. Torres


2 thoughts on “Worth the Price

  1. My my!! Once again I’m surprised by the way you can relate your life there with our lives in the Lord and how amazing He did what He did for us at all!! Thank you for always bringing out the wonder of what we’ve received in our Lord. God bless you brother Adrian.

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  2. Thank you for sharing Adrian!
    I picture Jesus jumping over the razor wire and breaking my cell door down after I called out to Him. I thought He wouldn’t want His reputation tainted by being associated with me, instead He gave me a new identity…In Him!
    Christos Terzan…Brought from the Guttermost to the Uttermost by the Sledgehammer of Love…
    The Gospel that smazshes hearts of stone to put a new heart of flesh inside! PTL.


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