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THE WALLS TALK is a compilation of true stories written from inside a California state prison, over more than a decade of incarceration. It chronicles the ups and downs of living a Spirit-led Christian life within a prison culture, and should be of interest to anyone seeking insight into that culture. It will also be encouraging to those seeking to live that Christ-centered life while imprisoned. It is honest, sometimes gritty, yet tempered with gentle humor. The theme is one of hope, redemption, faith and perseverance.

The Walls Talk is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle ebook.



Through thick and thin, my mother, Santa Torres, has been a guiding light for me, not only in words of advice, but in her daily walk and example. Life has not necessarily given her an easy road, yet she has never wavered in her faith.

I love you, Mom.

To you I dedicate this book.

Adrian Torres

Book Recommendation

“I came in contact with Adrian in 2002 when he wrote our ministry requesting books and resources for the inmates he was reaching for Christ. Since then, I have been thrilled to read his newsletters and hear of all the amazing ways God is at work in prison. In every situation, I can’t help but think what an incredible gift God has given Adrian to turn even the seemingly most impossible situations into opportunities for the light of Christ to shine through. I know these stories will ignite the hearts of all who read them with greater passion and love for our Lord Jesus Christ and His overwhelming Spirit of Truth and Grace.”
Christina Darlington
Witnesses for Jesus Inc.

“Adrian’s love for the Lord and his fellow inmates comes through every word he writes. His articles have always been a favorite in our Christian newspaper, The Christian Journal. It is an honor to recommend Adrian’s book: The Walls Talk to anyone looking to step up a notch in his walk with God.”
Chad McComas
The Christian Journal

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