Trash: Something worth little or nothing; Junk; rubbish.

Similar definitions can be found in any dictionary. However, if it were up to William Rathje, a Harvard-educated researcher, he would define trash most differently. By what I know of him, I believe he would say, upon asking him, that “Trash is Gold.” You read that right. It said trash is gold.garbage-65663_640.jpg Continue reading


Have it your way…..

“I don’t like it,” Lee boldly told me. Holding his hand up to his heart he added, “If it doesn’t feel right in here, then I don’t believe it.”

Prisons are jam-packed with Lees. All their lives they have bathed in vats of cold, dark crime. Hard drugs. Lust-driven relationships. Lives that can be summed up by living for what “feels good” at the moment.hamburger-2453359_640.jpg

The rush – the high – of fast living provides enough feelings, in an otherwise numb person, to make him feel human. However, the fast-beating heart, sweaty palms, adrenaline rush, only last a short while. Then comes the crash. The low. The cold bottom. The loneliness. All come back to haunt, to suck the remaining life out of that empty person. Continue reading

Happy Independence Day

On July 4th  we celebrate United States independence as a sovereign nation.

Did you know…..

  • american-flag-1850237_640.jpgThe American Revolution started in April 1775
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776
  • On July 2, 1776 the Continental Congress decided to declare independence.
  • The document was signed on August 2, 1776
  • The Declaration of Independence was delivered to England (Great Britain) in November 1776

What happened on July 4, 1776?

The Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

When did the Fourth of July become a national holiday?

Congress declared July 4 to be a national holiday in 1870 (unpaid holiday) and in 1941 the holiday was changed to a paid holiday for Federal employees.

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As a shout out to our friends in the North……Happy Canada Day (July 1)