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Requesting a Visit

All visitors are on an approved visitor list. Send Adrian a letter requesting a visitor form (include a few stamps so Adrian can mail you the form).  Once Adrian receives your request, he will mail a form for you to fill out.  After you fill out the form, mail the form back to him.  Mail takes up to 30 days for Adrian to receive, please be patient. Once approved you can visit Adrian.

Adrian G. Torres T30064
D17-C204-2 up
P.O. Box 409089
Ione, CA 95640

Visiting Days/Times

Friends of Adrian suggests you have an appointment to visit Adrian.   To sign up for a visit use the VPASS system.  (click on the word VPASS to go to the VPASS website)

There is a chance you can visit Adrian without an appointment; however, you can be told to leave and not be allowed to visit Adrian.

5 people may visit Adrian at time.

You may visit Adrian on

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • From 8:30am to 3pm,  if you arrive after 2pm you are not allowed to enter visitation.

You may visit Adrian on

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Recorded visiting instructions are available at 209-274-4911

Address:  4001 Highway 104, Ione, CA 95640  Click here for Google map

Visiting Adrian

Full details on visiting Adrian are found here:  Visitor Rules  Specific instructions for Mule Creek are available through a recorded message at 209-274-4911

A few details to get you started-please read the full rules before going.

  • Bring a printed copy of your appointment
  • Bring a photo ID 
  • There are restrictions on what you may wear to a prison.- No Blue or Orange Clothes. No Green Pants or Tan Shirts.**No White Shirts **
  • Dress conservatively and modestly
  • Do not wear any item that cannot be taken off and will not clear a metal detector
  • No cell phones
  • Shoes and jewelry must be removed when walking through the metal detector.

You may bring items to Adrian when you visit including:

  • A $50 limit per adult and $20 limit per child (under 18), only as single dollar bills, dollar coins and quarters.
  • Ten photographs, no larger than 8” by 10”
  • Documents up to 10 pages, no larger than 8 1/2” by 11”

Arriving at the facility

  • At the prison front gate, you show your picture ID (such as a drivers license or a state photo ID card.)
  • Park in the visitors’ parking and walk up to the visitor’s center.

Visitor Center

  • In the visitor center, you can buy a vending card.  A card costs $1.50 and you can add up to a  $50 per adult visitor and $20 per child to use during your visits.
  • You can buy photo tokens to take photos with Adrian.  (Adrian enjoys having his photo taken with friends and family)
  • At your appointed time, hand your printed appointment and valid ID to the officer at the desk.
  • A visitor pass is printed out
  • You remove coats/jackets, any metal items and your shoes. You walk through the metal detector without your shoes (similar to going through airport security).
  • You ride on a shuttle bus to the Yard D visiting room. Do not go through the double gate toward the visiting for yards A, B & C.
  • Show the desk officer your printed visitor pass and photo ID for the Yard D visiting room.
  • Give your visitor pass and photo ID to the officer at the elevated desk in the front of the room. You are assigned a table where you can wait for Adrian.


Enjoy your visit!




The website is owned and maintained by Friends of Adrian volunteers.  Due to his incarceration, Adrian Torres has no access to the website and is unable to respond to any comments posted.
Comments are answered by Friends of Adrian volunteers.

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